Organizational Cost Effectiveness Survey Analysis Paper

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Organizational Cost Effectiveness Survey Analysis Paper

Research and Evaluation I
RES 341

April 2, 2007

Organizational Cost Effectiveness Survey Analysis
This survey was administered to try and learn if our spending could become more effective is certain areas. The areas surveyed were areas where the largest amounts of spending continuing year after year. These are not necessarily areas that are being considered for reduction in spending but, we want to be sure the spending is actually worth while. The Organizational Cost Effectiveness Survey yielded some interesting data to be considered for the organizational development team. Over all it would appear from the survey that these surveys should be conducted more frequently. This data can help the organization maintain the needs of the employees to be more effective in the jobs. Here is a summary of the answers submitted. Questions 1 & 2, 75% of you thought your group was under staffed, 25% no change was needed. Questions 3 & 4; 60% of the answers said that the resource rooms were stocked with adequate supplies to perform your jobs. Of the 40% that did not think the we had the proper supplies on hand these were some of the most repeated answers; There is no need to have red, blue, black, and green pens of both fine and medium point ink pens, felt tip markers, and highlighters. Do not need every size of paper clip and binder clips in every resource room. Too many three inch and larger three ring binders. Need a larger selection of 3 ring binders. Questions 5 & 6; 70%of you thought that the organization did a adequate job of promoting education/training to perform your job. Of the 30% that did not think so some of the popular responses were; More SAE seminars, paid education for non-job related areas for employee development for other jobs, company suggested job related training courses. Questions 7 & 8; 80% of the responses said that their groups...
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