Organizational Constraints

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  • Published : August 16, 2006
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The article in the January through March 2006, volume 31 issue of Vikalpa Journal titled "Organizational Constraints on Innovation and Intrapreneurship: Insights from Public Sector" documents the key organizational constraints hindering innovation and intrapreneurship for public businesses in India. The research was conducted by professionals in the field of business management. In addition, at the conclusion of the study the researchers offered insights for improvement. With the results of the research many public organizations in India would be able to utilize Change is both inevitable and necessary in an industrialized society. A lack of or unwillingness to adapt to change leads to failure. In order, for a company to survive and or compete successfully it must be creative through innovations. The objective of the research was to determine those factors that prove to be a constraint on businesses in India as it relates to innovation and intrapreneurship. The methodology by which these findings were established was through collecting data obtained during interviews with those who had attempted to innovate. These innovators would be able to provide a first hand account of their attempts at innovating yielding a more accurate result. "The first step in the methodology, therefore, was to identify a few highly innovative projects from public sector organizations which was done by rating the innovativeness of 162 projects submitted for an innovation award in the petroleum sector" (Vikalpa, 2006). The following constraints were identified: absence of failure-analysis systems; "lack of patenting initiatives; lack of recognitions for innovations in non-core areas; poor handling of change management; informal team formation; low emphasis on dissemination and commercialization; inadequacy of rewards and recognition; procedural delays, poor documentation and maintenance of records; easy access to foreign technologies; unclear norms on linking innovations with...
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