Organizational Commitment

Topics: Leadership, Management, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 12 (4139 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Nooryazmin Syahira bt Alpazar (20011494692)
Effective leaders are enables that directly point to competent and committed employees. The more committed of employee, the higher compensation he or she can get from their organization. Studies in the organizational behavior have shown that leadership style and organization commitment are the major factors to the organization whether is success or fail. Employee commitment is a key source to determine the organizational performance. There are three types of leadership style in the organization which are directive, supportive and participative. The purpose of this study is to investigate about the relationship between leadership behavior and organization commitment. Also in this study, it shows that the importance effects of leadership styles of manager in service on employee response. 1.0Introduction

The labor force of the organization is more realize, experienced, knowledgeable, and expecting, the great values for employees, on the other hand toward the organization to be good make the most of the employee get a maximum remuneration. Organization commitment can increase the productivity in the organization and affect on the performance of the organization. Leadership behavior and its effectiveness is primary focus for return in organization to achieve the organizational goals, vision and mission also to create organization commitment in their employees for their organization (Yilmaz, 2010). There are different behavior of leadership and its relationship with organizational commitment. The commitment of employee in the organization is essential to make sure the successful implementation of the organization policy and plan. The argument while determining the appropriate values are very important to the organization that can ensure the altitude of commitment among employees or managers. It is very significant to guarantee a successful achievement in the organization strategies. According to (Swanepoel B, 2007), the organization commitment is encouraged by the leadership style for the successful implementation of company strategies to achieve the organizational objectives. Nowadays, management leader are accuser with several impulsive challenges, which involve high level of elasticity on their problem in organization. Current organizational crises have clarified the requirement for leadership and individual commitment from organizational decision making can become more serious effect to the organization success. Moreover, leadership behavior gives an impact toward organization commitment. (Yilmaz, 2010) This crucial element can be a measure in determine the effectiveness, competitiveness, and success of the organization challenges. On the other hand, manager can influence employee commitments to increase the productivity then the organization become more effective and efficient. This situation requires manager to implement leadership style which can persuade employee’s commitment. Different type of leadership style has the ability to control employees behavior in contrary ways, manager have to be give a full attention to assume of the suitable leadership method.

2.0The Problem
Research done by (Ying, 2008), for the period 1996 to 1999, employees of the organization who quit the job exceeds those who laid off by the organization resulting from the economic crisis that happened in 1997 Leader affect their co workers directly through their communication and also throughout the organization society. By growing in globalization, a greater knowledge and skill of in the relations of this factor in Malaysian culture can be valuable for assessing the efficiency of current theories as well as benefit committed leader and decision maker. A highest turnover happened in 1998 where 284 employees quit their job while only 34 were laid off. It shows that, many of organization are weak in term of planning the workforce, training, and employee development in private sector....
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