Organizational Behavior-Teamwork

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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1. Toyota has succeeded because of its team-oriented culture. Individuals in Toyota share a system of shared meaning held by members – teamwork, along with certain core principles to create a unique organizational culture. It distinguishes Toyota from other organizations. Despite manufacturing plants in different geographical locations have their own cultures; however, a value that strongly influences all the units regardless of nationality has been developed based on the organizational culture. Teams in Toyota have the innate advantages because of the adequate resources and clear structure of the company. It also proposes trust and transparency among workers. As the tasks are complicated and problematic in Toyota, large groups consistently get better marks than smaller counterparts because work teams are good for gaining a variety of input. A team is an excellent mean for performing many steps in the decision-making process and offer both breadth and depth of input of information gathering. (Robbins and judge) Members with diverse backgrounds could foster the alternatives generated hence discussions are more extensive and analysis is more critical. Unlike work groups, teams are expected to achieve their goals by collective performance. They have to generate positive synergy through a coordinated effort. They have to make use of their skills to solve the problems with the others. Employees from different departments have to generate more completed information for, say, sales and marketing, for instance, they have to figure out the prices of the competitors in the similar market segments, or the value buyers willing to purchase; or knowledge in engineering, like how to integrate a new electric circuit into the function of a new model. With the coordination of different teams, new ideas and decisions could be made. In production and design processes, creativity are emphasized as it brings customers’ satisfactions and business outcomes to Toyota.. When...
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