Organizational Behavior Chapter 6 Brief Summary

Topics: Employment, Skill, Learning Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Chapter 6
Brief Summary
“Applied Performance Practices”

Giving rewards for people with money or other finance are fundamental relationship of the employees, but its changes the meaning and value to each other. In the organization reward gives to the membership, seniority, job status, competencies, and performance. Membership and seniority based rewards potentially attract job applicants and reduce turnover. Job status almost every organization rewards employees to some extent on the basis of the status or worth of the jobs they occupy. Job evaluation is widely used to assess the worth or status of each job. Competency- based rewards practice identify a set of competencies, relevant to all jobs within a broad pay group and give employees within each group higher pay rates as they improve those competencies. Somehow the employees spend the time to learn new skill. Other awards such as commission and other performance rewards are widely used since long time ago. Alternative staffing employee also receive bonus and commission quarterly, some of company using Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) to push employee buying company stock, by discounted price or no-interest loan. Today more than 20 percents of American working in private sector hold stock in their companies. Finance reward has restrictiveness but it can improve in some ways. The leader also should to assured that rewards linked to work performance and rewards no unintended consequence. Job design is process to assigning the task to a job. Work efficiency is increment because employee master is quickly, spend less time, require less training, and can be matched more closely with the job best suited to their skills. The job characteristic model have five core job characteristic that is skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and job feedback. To enrich job has to ways is it clustering into natural groups or organization and establish client relationship. The word empowerment is a...
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