Organizational Analysis

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Organizational Analysis
Michelle Crawford
University of Phoenix
Nursing Leadership and Management
NUR 587
Dr. Marie Holley
January 24, 2011

Organizational Analysis
Nurses focus on providing the best quality of care to patients. To have the ability to provide the best quality of care to patients, nurses need a work environment that values and respects nurses, and provides resources for nurses to provide quality care to patients. “A magnet hospital is stated to be one where nursing delivers excellent patient outcomes, where nurses have a high level of job satisfaction, and where there is a low staff nurse turnover rate and appropriate grievance resolution” (Center for Nursing Advocacy, 2008, p. 1). Requirements for obtaining magnet status are stringent. Obtaining magnet status is a long and arduous road, which requires a firm commitment by the organization. This paper will provide a thorough analysis of the organizational and managerial structure of Summerlin Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada, using the 14 forces of magnetism outlined by the ANCC, in an effort to determine if, in fact it is worthy of the magnet status. Summerlin hospital is a member of the Valley Health System, which also includes four other sister hospitals in Las Vegas, and Valley Health System is a subsidiary of Universal Health Services one of the largest health care management companies in the nation. Summerlin hospital sits on the most western border in the Las Vegas valley, serving the master-planned community of Summerlin. The hospital just completed an expansion that includes six floors, 173 additional patient rooms, bringing the total to 454 private patient rooms. Summerlin hospital sits on a 40-acre campus, along with three medical office buildings. Summerlin hospital was originally constructed in 1997, with 200 plus patient rooms. The hospital has added services over the years such as a Pediatric emergency room in 2005, and a level three NICU in 2007, expanding to meet the needs of the community. The hospital has 1,600 physicians on staff, which covers more than 30 areas of care. Summerlin hospital wants to meet the needs of the community by providing high quality care to the members of the community the hope is, that consumers will continue to seek care at the hospital, and also recommend the hospital to their family and friends. Summerlin is currently running positive campaigns that focus on community members recommending the hospital. Advertisements on the local television reveal former patients and what these patients sought care for at Summerlin, and why they would recommend or go back to the hospital. Nursing Leadership

The 14 forces of magnetism are broken down into three areas, leadership, quality of care, and professional development. The first force of magnetism in achieving magnet status is the quality of the nursing leadership of the organization. The Chief Nursing Officer of Summerlin hospital is Lynette Ball, RN, MSN; she obtained the position of CNO in the fall of 2009. The CNO is the highest level of nursing executive in the hospital. The managers and nursing staff look to the CNO to provide leadership, visionary goals, ensuring the delivery of quality patient care, and coordinate and monitor the hospital’s regulatory compliance. The CNO is very active throughout the hospital units, she is a visible leader, and she makes rounds on the units, talking with the staff regarding any issues the staff may be having. The CNO is the vessel for the staff, to bring forward any issues that need to be resolved on an administrative level. The current CNO Lynette, has 20 years of various experience in leadership, she has had many positions working as a staff nurse, charge nurse, manager and then director of the Intensive Care units at Summerlin hospital. She has a foundation and understanding of the issues the nurse’s face in the hospital. Lynette encourages the managers and the nursing...
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