Organization Structure Paper

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Organization Structure Paper
Any successful company must rely on being well organized in order to be successful. The organization must have departments that have clear roles and descriptions on what each individual or department is assigned to do. Regardless of what the company or organization does, the organizational structure in each is similar somehow. This paper will discuss the organizations structure, and how the organizations functions create for a positive and encouraging environment for their employee that then transfers on the sales floor for providing a great service experience for customers.

In this organization the structure is similar to that of the military structure since there is a chain of managers with different ranks, and the highest person in rank is the CEO. A CEO is a chief executive officer. The employees are encouraged to go through the chain of command to report or inform someone of issues or discrepancies. The culture within this organization is to try to work out issues using the next one up on the rank of managers. It is discouraged to have a supervisor/manager report issues to the CEO of the company, since this would be an example of how the chain on command was not followed. The proper way to have reported the situation would be to report the issues to their direct supervisor, which would be their regional manager. The CEO in this company holds the position of the president and is also the share holder since he is one of the owners and prime executives of the company.

This organization which is a retail mens’ Formalwear Company named Friar Tux Shop has an organizational structure that consists of a corporate office and thirty-one retail stores. In the corporate office there is a Chief Executive Officer which is the highest rank, there is a Director of Operations, four District Managers (which report to the Director of Operations), Store Managers (which report to their District Manager), Assistant Managers (which report to...
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