Organization Structure Paper

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  • Published : January 6, 2013
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Organizational Structure Paper
Stephanie Harris

Organizational Structure Paper
Organizational structure is defined as the way that an organization arranges it employees and management so that efficient work can be performed and it can meet target goals. Target has managers and employees performing different tasks to get the job done in a more efficient and timely manner. It has managers to help define the goals along with establishing goals, also develop plans of the organizational. Managers are also put in those positions to help control the organization. Managers must be able to motivate and lead their employees whether through some type of reward system or incentives (Bateman & Snell, 2011). Managers and supervisors are in place to help resolve group conflict when it arises and the team members are not able to solve or come to an agreement. Managers also must have the skills to resolve employee behavior. Target motto that helps identify diversity in the organization, and it goes like this “Working as a team gives them the strength of many is the power of one.” Perhaps that is why Target is number 30 on Diversity Inc’s list because, it shows great organizational structure. When the organization hires new employees it ask for fun, fast and friendly people because friendly employees give the customers a good sense of belonging and it also makes them feel welcomed and at home. Target employees are always around when a customer needs help finding something or when a customer needs a question answered. This is one of target’s strengths and it can be considered one of their goals. Another great strength that is performed at Target the work reviews of its employees every six months. Target’s management structure consist of a Chief Executive Officer and Director is Gregg W. Steinhafel, a Chief Financial Officer, Chief Accounting Officer, and Executive Vice President- Troy...
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