Organisational Information System

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  • Published: April 24, 2013
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1.0 Introduction
Information system, which is the most important technique in this information age, is playing an increasingly pivotal role in modern business organisations. The information age is relying on the information and communication technology (ICT), and it is using widely in every corner of the modern organisation (Hussain, 2009). Organisations may use ICT to transform business process and make them more efficient and accurate (Hussain, 2009). Moreover, ICT may be use to create, store and disseminate the business data and translate data into useful information. Managers may use this information to make some correct decisions (Hussain, 2009). Bright Light Limited (BLL) is a company which makes light bulbs and fluorescents. It started ten years ago as a small manufacturer. Nowadays, BLL has three hundred employees as a large company. There are numbers of central departments in BLL like Accounting, Marketing, HRM and Sales. Different departments in BLL handle different types of information system; however, the use of information system is small yet and this cause BLL lack of international competitive force and work inefficiency. Therefore, in the present age, BLL needs a large number of new information systems across all the departments (Hussain, 2009). In this report, I will show how the departments of Bright Light Limited(BLL) using the information system and I will create some new Computer-Aided Design system (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing system(CAM) across the departments of the BLL. Moreover, this report will descript different types of systems that BLL could acquire in its departments, it may give the international competition to BLL and it may help BLL to develop. Finally, this report will descript the working of shop-floor data collection system and tell managers the requirement of hardware and software, this is one of the most important systems and it may make the works in BLL more efficiency. 2.0 Task 1

2.1system theory concept
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