Organisational Climate

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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Developing an effective climate is therefore a key component for any organisation seeking to raise their game or increase their productivity. So what exactly IS climate? Climate can be described as ‘the unwritten rules’ or ‘the way things are around here’. It is a complex blend of attitudes, expectations, policies and norms that effect motivations & behaviours. Within every organisation a climate exists. Within every team or workgroup a micro-climate exists – and factors such as leadership style, levels of trust, empowerment and bureaucracy all contribute. Effective change (in particular the rapid integration of separate groups following Mergers and Acquisitions) can be achieved can be achieved by developing the right climate. Conversely, an unhealthy or inappropriate climate will impede change, choking productivity, potentially for years. Internal Climate is therefore a critical element affecting the success of change programmes. Teams, entire departments and whole organisations all respond to internal climate and depending on the climate that exists their response will be positive or negative. Research has shown that up to 30% of performance can be affected by internal climate - therefore when an organisation becomes aware of ‘the climate within’ it has the opportunity to impact the bottom line in a powerful way. After many years working with business leaders and their staff in various organisations around the world Accord Consulting have developed a reliable and effective way to assess internal climate. By accurately identifying the current internal climate Accord Consulting will pinpoint areas where changes can be made that will powerfully and rapidly affect performance. We do this in a number of ways: The Climate Process

► Identifying the current Internal Climate – both in the entire organisation and in sub groups (Micro-Climates) ► Creating a cohesive, internally driven approach to the development of climate change across the organisation. ►...
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