Organisational Behavior

Topics: Legally Blonde, Organizational commitment, Harvard Law School Pages: 10 (3743 words) Published: March 12, 2013
The movie chosen is Legally Blonde. The main characters include Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon), Warner Huntington III (Matthew Davis), Emmett Richmond (Luke Wilson) Professor Callahan (Victor Garber), and Vivian Kensington (Selma Blair). At the beginning of the movie, Elle is a Southern California college student, majoring in fashion merchandising. One day, her boyfriend Warner invites her to have dinner at their special place. She expects Warner to propose but actually he wants to break up with Elle due to different statuses. Elle is angry but does not give up, so she follows Warner’s footstep by joining Harvard Law School. After passing the law-school entrance exam and successfully entering Harvard, she finds out that Warner already has a fiancée which causes her to change her behaviour, finally becoming the best student. In the climax, Elle, Warner, Vivian and Emmett are invited to join Professor Callahan’s group for Brooke Taylor-Windham case. In the discussions, the opinions from Elle are inconsistent with other group members but she holds firm because she knows that Brooke is innocent. Brooke has changed her attorney from Callahan to Elle after she knows bad attitudes possessed by Callahan and finally she wins the case. At the end, Warner tries to get Elle back because he realizes that she is good enough to be his partner but Elle rejects. Lastly, Elle is with Emmett and she graduates in first class honors.

Theory concepts
The theme selected for this movie is workplace emotions, attitudes and stress. Eustress
Eustress is a type of stress and it is a necessary part of life because it activates and motivates people to achieve goals, change their environments, and succeed in life. It is a physiological and psychological condition that prepares us to adapt to hostile environmental conditions. In the party at 45 Dunston Street, Warner said that Elle will never get the grades to qualify for Callahan’s internship next year. At the same time Elle is leaving in a very unhappy mood but she is motivated to show Warner that she can do it. During those few months, she is studying hard and actively participating in class. Finally, she gets the internship awarded by Callahan’s firm. In the working place, Elle is a member of lawyer’s team. Elle says that her idol, Brooke (defendant) is not the person who kills her husband. However, no one trusts her verdict. So she takes this as motivation to prove that Brooke is not guilty. In the conversation between Brooke and Elle, Brooke tells Elle her alibi because she trusts Elle’s credibility. Subsequently, Elle has the prerogative to claim that Brooke is not the killer during discussions. When Professor Callahan asks for the alibi, Elle does not reveal as she has promised Brooke to keep secret. Elle is trying to prove Brooke is not a killer by searching for an alternative proof. Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance is a state of anxiety that occurs when an individual’s beliefs, feeling and behaviours are inconsistent with one another. Elle’s ex-boyfriend, Warner encounters cognitive dissonance when he breaks up with Elle. He is loving (true feeling) Elle but he believes that Elle is not the right one, status-wise. He wants one who is of his family’s demands. This is why Warner breaks up with Elle and accepts Vivian as his new girlfriend. Eventually, Elle outperforms all other law students to be the top one.

Job Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction
Job satisfaction is a person’s evaluation of his or her job and work context. There are four responses to job dissatisfaction when a person dissatisfies with his or her job, Exit, Voice, Loyalty, and Neglect. Elle is not satisfied with her job as Professor Callahan chooses her as the internship trainee merely because of her looks and he hits on her. So Elle chooses to exit (quitting and leaving the internship). She is back on court because she is selected by Brooke as attorney at the expense of Professor...
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