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Faith-based International Charity

This faith-based humanitarian organisation based on the philosophy of Islam and Quran that if you save the life of one person; you saved mankind. Therefore, it promotes humanity in its operational areas. However, due to its identity of being an Islamic organisation, the funds are mainly generated through Muslim philanthropists and other means such as Zakat. In essence, Islamic identity has been the motivating factor for generating the resources for programmes to help Muslims rather than employee motivation.

After the earthquake of 2005 in Pakistan, it faced, like many other humanitarian organisations, two types of challenges. One was how to retain the existing staff because of changes in the job market; many relief organisations were offering high salaries on a short term basis which disturbed the momentum of work. The other challenge was related with the new recruitment. It hired at least 200 new staff in its field offices of earthquake affected areas. Due to the nature of emergency work, the organisation has to be more responsive towards community issues than the staff. Therefore, it becomes difficult for organisation to fix the clear divide of roles and responsibilities among staff members. Due to this reshuffling, staff became emotionally sensitive. Strategies

The following strategies are used to address the issue of low motivation: Being a professional organisation, temporary allowance for field staff, promotion of staff, decentralisation of HRdepartment, effective communication, and staff development

Organisational culture like democratic style of management and organisational values such as equality, rule of law and intolerance for abuse were found to be contributing factors to achieving staff motivation, retention and high performance in the organisation.

National Non Government Organisation
It is a national level non-governmental...
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