The Chattanooga Ice Cream Division

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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The Chattanooga Ice Cream Division

This paper about the Chattanooga Ice Cream division examines problems the company is facing and suggestions how to overcome them, moreover, how Charles Moore should act as the Leader. The paper is divided in three parts namely “Problem identification”, “Problem Analysis” and “Solutions proposals and implementation suggestions”.

1.Problem identification
One Problem underlying in this case is the lack of collaboration between the different organizational members/ departments further their probably not existing knowledge of this style of working together since they are used to a more top-down, not collaborative and separated way of doing business. The second problem is the departure of three important members of the top management and the relationships involved which means a major change for the remaining employees and a challenge to get along with the new staff. Therefore, it is inevitable that conflicts and problems arise. The remaining employees have to deal with this change and this is sometimes also expressed in resistance to change. The main problem is, as already mentioned above, that they are not working together, they are actually working against each other instead of being supportive and helping each other; therefore, they are far from being a team. Everybody thinks he can do things better and is blaming others in place of being advising or espousing. The whole case is traversed by blaming others instead of looking on own problems or possible improvement possibilities. Another problem I identified is that people are not being honest; referring to K. Donaldson who is lying about the length of the time they can be in the market. This is not helping the company as it just makes it appear nicer in that specific moment but it will make it worse in the end because the company planned upon that. Finally, it seems to Moore that Les Holly is withholding information due to his absence from the home office as he spends...
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