Topics: Personality psychology, Big Five personality traits, Trait theory Pages: 4 (1031 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Organizational Behavior

Personality Profile

Joris van Kleinwee

IBA-Group: 9

ANR: 709585

Personality Profile: Joris van KleinweeEach person is characterized by certain habits, characteristics and features they have inherited or were acquired due to events in their lives. These factors determine the personality profile of a certain person and each different personality will have a certain impact in an organization or more specifically in a group. In this report my own personality profile will be presented by the results of a questionnaire, this questionnaire is a device used to give an indication of the big five factors: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion agreeableness and neuroticism which will all together describe my personality profile. These results will be thoroughly compared with context of existing scientific literature which will then determine my own personal profile. Firstly the results of my questionnaire will be discussed by comparing them with the existing personality profiles, followed by an observation of the affects my personality would have in a group. Lastly, I will discuss the key strengths and/or weaknesses of my personality with current literature in this scientific field and will then conclude all observations.The results of the BIG-Five questionnaire were more or less as I expected (geen goede topic sentence aangezien de paragraaf alleen over agreeableness gaat) . My relatively high scores on “agreeableness” (19) makes me as a person: “considerate, honest, helpful, and supportive” (Driskell et all., 2005). These traits are very descriptive for my personality and I recognize these traits in my personal experiences. According to Buchanan and Huczynski the score of 19 on agreeableness makes me an “adapter” and I will therefore be easily adapting to different situations . Secondly my high score on...
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