Organic Meadow Essay

Topics: Agriculture, Organic farming, Sustainable agriculture Pages: 2 (758 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Within today’s world, there is the ever present issue of feeding a booming global population. However, the decrease in farming has begun to make this a more important problem. Especially now, farmers have taken to using pesticides and other methods in order to ensure a crop is more plentiful, therefore helping to alleviate some of the problems associated with supply and demand. But this is not a solution, it is instead almost adding to the problems our society faces today. This is where organic farming comes in. Although it may be hard to change society’s long standing opinion that mass-production by any means necessary is the right way to go, organic farmers are now making a larger appearance on the world stage. Organic farming can be the solution, and it is possible to feed a booming population through this type of farming if three simple things are to happen. First, there needs to be a large movement in which all farmers stop their use of pesticides in order to grow crops. While this may seem idealistic, it is a long-term solution that will produce more benefits than costs. By only having organic farming, the cost of buying pesticides and other conventional farming necessities is eliminated, thereby allowing the farmer to focus more on increasing his yield, rather than spraying his crops. Additionally, the environment benefits greatly from organic farming. While pesticides may be thought to be confined to one area when sprayed, other factors such as the wind reduce this likelihood. Groundwater, animals and insects can also be factors and can transport pesticides to other areas otherwise untouched by chemicals. Not only are pesticides harmful to the environment as evidenced by its ability to kill or ward off crop-feeding species, it is harmful to people as well. Ingesting food that has been produced through the use of pesticides contains harmful carcinogens and can cause sickness if those foods are not washed or cooked properly. All of this could be eliminated...
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