Organ Donation: Audience Analysis

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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Topic- Organ Donation
Audience Analysis
Situational Characteristics:
8-12 minute speech
14 people in the audience
Projector ready for use
Time of day – 12:40

Audience Demographics:
Age: late teens-early twenties (except Professor Bernhardt)
One French student
One Korean student
7 males
5 african-American females
1 professor

Common Ground:
Common ground is that no one in the class knows of someone who has needed in organ transplant.

Prior Exposure:
My audience survey results showed that no one knows anyone who has had an orange transplant. Which then I can assume that no one knows very much about organ transplants, and the everyday importance of them.

Audience Disposition:
I think that the audience will appreciate learning about organ transplants and by that and realize the importance of becoming an organ donor to save lives after you're gone

Explain, Describe or Demonstrate:
Explanation of what in organ transplant can do to save lives. Show the audience that in organ transplant is essential for so many people and the importance of them is crucial in so many peoples lives. Describe the process in which you need to go through to donate in organ. I will demonstrate then Porins of organ transplant through a PowerPoint with the main points of an organ transplant.

Speech Message
Establish connections by presenting facts, and statements from doctors and patients arrive received organ transplants that have saved their lives. I myself am an organ donor since I turned 16 and got my drivers license, ever since then I've done some research on what it is to become an organ donor.

I can appeal to the audiences emotion because organ donations save peoples lives, and one day they may just save your life, or the life of one of out family members. Organ donation is such a rare thing because so many people need an organ transplant but there's not that many donors.

I will use evidence and sources from the web...
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