Why You Should Be an Organ/Tissue Donor

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Maliyah Cruz January 16, 2013

Dear Ms. Hanrahan,
I am here today to discuss why you should be organ/tissue donor. Being an organ donor saves lives, stops the shortage of organs needed, and there is no cost at all. Approximately 1,800 children are waiting for organ transplants. A transplant for someone in need could mean second chance at life. Organ donning could save a lot of lives. People would look up to you as a hero for saving their loved ones. You alone could save up to 8 lives through organ donation and help other with tissue donations. Organ donation allows recipients to return to a normal life. Mc Hanrahan, you could save or improve up to 50 recipients through organ and tissue donation!

Right now there is a shortage of organs. Almost 1,000 people need transplants. 18 people die daily waiting for a transplant, 1,000s die each year waiting. Almost a quarter of the people who are waiting for a donor are 10 years old or younger. Last year alone organ donors made more than 28,000 transplants possible.

Finally, there is no expense! You have no financial reason not to be a donor. All expenses are paid for by the organ donation procurement program. It saves you a ton of money. However, it doesn’t cover hospital expenses or funeral expenses.

To conclude this essay, I’d like to say that being an organ donor isn’t just something to do. Being an organ donor makes you a hero. Being an organ donor saves lives. I really hope you take this into consideration. Thank you very much for reading.

Maliyah Cruz
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