Ordering System

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  • Published : April 5, 2013
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User Requirements Definition
The current system is actually manual. The receiving of the order from the customer took time and the processing of the food takes time for the customer to wait. Due to the manual system that they have, their services slow down. In their current system, problems like missing order, loss of data, and wrong delivery details could possibly occur. Each component essentially provides a layer of isolation between the end user and the database. This isolation motivates, first allowing the end user to interact with the system through an eye catching interface that provide a much more enjoyable experience for them. Second, protects the confidentiality of the database by preventing users from taking any action outside the system is designed to handle. This design pattern will help the user to enumerate exactly the functions when making an order. As the objectives of the system is to make the process of placing an order as simple as possible through the automated ordering system. The system will be user friendly and the instructions are easy to understand and it will automatically compute the order of the customer and allow them to cancel the transaction if there are any changes in their order or if they want to add more. A message bar will appear that indicates the next procedure to be done. The administrator can view the daily, weekly, and monthly report. The manager can view the summary of the daily sales and edit the report. The user of the system should also responsible for using the system in terms of handling and managing the system. Users also should also take assistance to the crews if there’ll be system malfunctions during the process.
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