Order vs. Chaos

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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Megan GalbreathWriting
12-18-11 Interpretive essays
Order vs. ChaosThe hallways during a switching period in our school are crazy! Teachers try to put order in the hallways and try to keep them safe, while students are wild and create chaos in the hallways. The hallways in my school are chaotic but have order. Likewise, Gotham city also has order and chaos. In Gotham city, the Joker creates chaos, while batman tries to put order in Gotham City.

The camera movements can represent chaos. In the film, the camera went wacky when the Joker interrupts the dinner where he tells Rachel how he got his scares. I think the chaotic camera movements make Rachael and the people at the dinner, as well as the audience watching the movie feel scared about what he’s going to do next. The Joker also makes threats to harm the people of Gotham City. In the Movie, the Joker tells on live television that he will blow up a local hospital unless Coleman Reese is dead within 60 minutes. I can infer that this threat made Reese feel scared, nervous and afraid of his safety. I could also understand how his threat also affected the police, because they had to clear everyone out of the hospitals as fast as possible.

On the other hand, Batman tries to put order in Gotham City. Batman’s main mission is to stop the Joker from terrorizing the citizens of Gotham. In the film, Batman tries to stop the joker in the scene where Harvey Dent is getting transported to the county jail. At one point, the joker screams, “Hit me” to batman. I thought batman wouldn’t hit the Joker because he knew that would create chaos and Batman wanted stop the chaos. At the end of the movie, Batman finds Harvey Dent holding Gordon and his family hostage. Then Dent flips a coin to determine if he should kill Gordans son and Batman tackles Dent and kills him. I could infer that even though Batman believed in no killing, He knew he had...
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