The Order of Things

Topics: Love, Marriage, Short story Pages: 3 (1092 words) Published: May 1, 2013
The order of things
We all know about love, and we all want to be loved, and guess what? Everybody can fall in love. Even people with a wife and children can suddenly fall in love with another woman or vice versa. This is the order of things, but it may seem like a truism that everybody at every age can abruptly in the middle of the hardships of the everyday feel the hair-raising feeling of being in love. Love is happiness. When it happens to a settled person it causes him or her lot of ethical consideration. But when the feeling is strong enough people, at least Carl and Lily, find it okay to cheat on their spouses. “The Order of Things” is a short story that among other things deals with the issues put forward. It is about a reverend, Carl, and a woman, Lily, who fall in love. Both of them live in a small town called Worland, and they are both settled and married to a teacher. They have a romantic love affair on a trip, but when they come back it is hard for them to find the right time to see each other, so after all, they start dating in the church on weekdays - they are in love like teenagers and they want to get married. But on the iciest winter day Lily dies accidently. Carl is left alone with a broken heart. Carl is in his early forties and has lived for a year in Worland. He is a very reasonable man in a conventional sense. He has a fine job, a wife and a daughter. He But through the story, especially when he meets Lily, he undergoes an important internal change, “… Perhaps through her (…) he could love the world” This suggests that he until now has not been able to take pleasure in life. Until he meets Lucy he has also taken the truth in his father’s words for granted. Because of what he feels he gets the idea that the order of things (hence the title) is that you have to feel first and think later. “”Always be prepared for what’s next””. Carl’s farther told him thereby implying the order of things to be the opposite. By realising that his father was...
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