Oratorical Piece

Topics: Economics, Philippines, Economy Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Do you hear it? It becomes louder… Are you deaf? Or you’re not paying attention… Do you see it? It’s coming; well actually it is there… Are you blind? Or you’re not paying attention… Do you feel it? It’s actually on our skin… Are you numb? Or you’re not paying attention… Do you smell that? There’s a blood, I hunger for that. I know you too… It was on 1960s, when the Philippines was one of the elite countries who was among the so-called “tiger economies”. This was the time when our country is at the peak of economic growth, just next to Japan. 1970, countries like South Korea and Taiwan overtook us. On the succeeding decades, it was the turn of our neighbors like China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hongkong to unleash their economic growth. Now, what happened to Juan Dela Cruz? It is evident that the deteriorating economic performance is due to the corruption in the government which leads to lack of confidence by the foreign investors, economic reforms will be slowed because those who are in the position will think of themselves first rather than servicing those people who put them where they are at, trade and industry will be disorder, the ratio between import and export is unbalanced, we spend too much on importing goods rather than producing our own, why? Because if the government buys, surely there is a budget and this is how the criminal mind works and operates. Just like a student in PUP who asks for their parents to give him 1500php although the actual tuition fee is just 1000php. Simple and basic, just like that, lie, cheat and steal. The saddest part of the drama is, illegal things seemed to be systematized or should I say, culturalized. The act of stealing looks normal, they know that there is a thief but instead of cutting their hands, some joined them while those who are more intelligent, steal what the thief have. Indeed, it is funny in the Philippines. Do you still believe that the...
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