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Topics: Global warming, Water, Polar ice cap Pages: 4 (1438 words) Published: December 17, 2008
If the strength of humanity is measured by the current state of our natural environment and the ever-decreasing condition of it as evidenced by rising temperatures, increases in CO2 emissions, and polar ice cap melting, then global warming is the most crucial issue to address in today's society.

This proposition can divide into a multitude of different topics. There are three very important claims that have to components to global warming? What are the challenges we confront when we are dealing with the issue? What are the effects resulting from unresolved issue and finally what solutions can be proposed to solve the problem.

What are the related components to global warming? Global warming is a vital issue that is causing temperatures to increase, glaciers to melt, plus CO2 levels to increase. It’s causing a plethora of problems on our planet and by the end of the century our planet will be dismal compared to what it is today. Components of global warming include the arguments presented in Cool It. Lomborg suggests that global warming in real and man-made, that we need simpler, smarter, and more efficient solutions, and that we need to remind ourselves that our ultimate goal is not to reduce greenhouse gases or global warming per se but to improve the quality of life and the environment. These all sum up global warming in a whole and show how big of an issue it really is.

So what challenges do we confront with the issue. Like I've started to express above. There are many challenges we confront when it comes too global warming. Above all, cost, perception, and strategies for a solution apply to the challenges that we see. It is going to have a great cost to cut emissions. Kyoto the largest assembly line of the top macroeconomic models average a cost of $180 billion annually. Lomborg suggests that this would defiantly not bankrupt the industrialized worlds but it is still a significant portion of money. It seems quite evident that our economy...
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