Oracle Ebs – System Administration

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Presentation on Oracle EBS – System Administration

 How Apps DBA is different from Oracle DBA  Tasks of a System Administrator  Security related Tasks of System Administrator  Clarifications

System Administrator Responsibilities & Tasks

Oracle EBS Administration is different from and Oracle DBA
        Needs to be an Oracle DBA Needs to have knowledge of Oracle Application Fundamentals Needs to have Concept of Oracle EBS Architecture Expertise in Oracle EBS Installation and Configuration Expertise in application of Patches and Upgrading Applications Cloning of Application and Database to create new support instance Managing Customizations of Applications User Access Management

1.1 System Administrator Tasks
The System Administrator needs to perform the following tasks             Backup & Cloning Manage Concurrent Managers Patching and Maintenance Performance Management Manage Concurrent Programs and Requests Purging of Concurrent Request /Program Data Manage Workflow Manager Monitoring Oracle E-Business Suite Administering Oracle E-Business Suite Application Inventory Management License Management Manage User Profiles & Profile Options

1.2 System Administrator Tasks
Some more Tasks performed by the System Administrator
             Manage Concurrent Programs & Executables Manage Responsibilities Manage Request Groups and Request Sets Manage Data Groups Running Utilities Manage Folders, Lookups, Profile Options and Profile Values Query Optimization & Gathering Statistics RAC Management Manage Document Sequences Administering Globalization Managing KFF, DFF Managing Value Sets, Values Managing New Customizations and Updates

2.1 Security Management
Tasks related to Security of Oracle EBS
 Access Control & User Management  Function...
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