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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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How My Positive Outlook Benefits My Community

My positive outlook benefits my community in many ways. Helping one person in my community can have a trickle down affect to everyone in the community. Whether it is doing something big or small to help the out community can change the way people look at our community. Your community, your school, your lifestyle is what you make of it. A Positive Attitude can change the way we live in our community. One experience my community benefited from my positive outlook, was when I helped my community youth group clean up parks during the summer. One way the community benefited from that was the parks where clean, and the people saw that we were doing something good for our community. As people saw that we were doing good for our community then may have a trickle down affect on them and they would want to do something for the community. A positive outlook can change everything about a community. That's were the trickle down affect comes in. You have a positive person then you have the people around the positive person and the people around those positive people. In way the positive is getting around it takes just an open outlook. Everyone has a little positive in them and if they put towards the community then community could benefit from it. Even the small deeds help, like picking trash up after yourself and of your friends will help. One deed of good I’ve done to help people in my community was when my friends and I were at the park playing a softball


How My Positive Outlook Benefits My Community

when I see an old lady carrying bags from one spot to another I watched her for a while and then I finally realized what she was doing. She was carrying bags from spot to spot because she couldn't carry them all at once. So I offered her my help she accepted and my friends and I helped her carry her bags home. While we were doing this another lady said “ God Bless You “ to all of us, she had seen our positive and then...
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