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Topics: Immune system, Personal life, Economics Pages: 1 (733 words) Published: August 18, 2012
Framington, J. (2006). The power of positive thinking. Retrieved from In this article based on the power of positive thinking, Framington explains that although it is not possible to think that one can avoid all negative thinking in one’s life, it is possible to change one’s attitude and be more positive. In doing so, it helps one realize that calamities are only one negative facet in our lives and should not cause one to lose hope. Additionally, Framington explains how positive thinking has a positive effect on one’s health. Although Framington’s article is a popular text, I believe this source is reliable and relates to my topic because I am researching articles that show positive thinking does work. Not only does Framington’s article provide information on how positive thinking does work to help one have a more positive outlook on life, but she also includes a study that reveals how changing the way one perceives and thinks about one’s life is related to health improvement. For those reasons, I find her article valuable in supporting my topic which is based on the premise that positive thinking does work. Goldman, R. & Klatz, R. (2010, October). The power of positive thinking: an approach to longevity. Townsend Letter, 36. Retrieved from In this article based on how longevity is related to positive thinking, Goldman and Klatz explain how one’s attitude affects one’s health. They go into great detail on the benefits of maintaining a positive attitude, such as it increases longevity, reduces heart disease, improves the immune system, and improves mental health by reducing depression. As a scholarly text, I believe this source is reliable and relates to my topic. Goldman and Klatz provide credible information on supporting my topic because they incorporate several...
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