Opposition Against Macbeth

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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In this act opposition against Macbeth is rising and effects on the characters will be effected in many ways. When Macbeth suspects that Banquo may be on to him. Macbeth decides to hire murders to eliminate Banquo (3.3 1-4) Unfortunately the murders were only able to kill Banquo letting one of the witnesses escape which was Fleance. (3.4 23) This possibility could be fatal to Macbeth because he might try to avenge his father's death. Macbeth and Lady both are affected by the events that had happened. Resulting in troubled sleep and parnoides behaviour. (3.2 20). Finally the three witches who built up Macbeth is also opposing him with a new prediction which would lead to his downfall. (3.5 29-31) In Act three we are introduced to Macbeths deception and paranoia as he begins to suffer horrifying images of his murdered victims appear amongst him. Macbeths greatest opposition as he quickly destroys his status among others is Banqou his closest friend .Banqous suspicion towards Macbeth grows deeper ,yet it’s his persistence towards his prophesies that forces him into silencing the topic of his beliefs and knowledge for his own ambitions. Banqou awaited for his prophesies to suffice his wants yet as the time grew Macbeth grew in power with dark intentions.AS time quickly slipped through Banqous hand Macbeth noticed the threat the Banqou held against him. (Act3-2)(40-61)Macbeth began to experience paranoia and Banqous suspicion fueled that paranoia. With the witches misleading statements towards Banqous life and rise to glory, Macbeth was convinced there was a defective statement that may lead to his death through Banqous request. With fear and hatred circling his mind, Macbeth convinced two attendants to murder Banqou. (Act3-3)(12-33)As the two murders go off and commit their crime, Macbeth hints to his wife of great plans and that’s a sign of glory and confidence filling his soul. Macbeth had experienced a lack of sleep and a lack of apatite as he sat at his thrown...
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