Opinion Essay

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What is an opinion essay?

An opinion essay expresses your personal point of view on some controversial problem in writing. The main aim of an opinion essay is to persuade your audience that your position is correct. To produce a successful opinion essay, you should carefully choose the theme and conduct proper research on the debatable problem. Opinion papers should be interesting and well balanced to read. Both, your point of view and the opposing position must be introduced to guarantee the pluralism of idea. The opposing point of view presented in an opinion paper must reflect the common view of the readers on the selected topic.

Opinion essays can be composed on any theme as long as there are some clear positions for you to take. You should avoid creating on vague problems where it is problematic to set a position. Unlike descriptive or narrative papers that account for particular events, people, or topics, position papers are about taking a certain side and debating it in your writing.

Education is the single most important factor in the development of a country. Do you agree? 

The development of a country is inevitable and necessary. The society will advance, and the society must advance. The country must go on and the country must develop. And education takes part with the development of a country. But in my opinion, education isn't the only factor that makes this possible.

Education is a pretty important factor to become a good person, to learn values, rules and a lot of more important things. Education is good all your live, since you have born until you are old. It's very important for all society, for all countries.

I'm sure that education is an important factor, but I'm not sure that e
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