Operational Improvement for Costa Coffee Shop

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  • Published : September 5, 2010
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Operational Improvement for Costa Coffee Shop
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Operational Improvement for Costa Coffee Shop
Small businesses are mighty minnows, reflecting the competitive spirit that a market economy needs for efficiency; they provide an outlet for entrepreneurial talents, a wider range of consumer goods and services, a check to monopoly inefficiency a source of innovation, and a seedbed for new industries; they allow an economy to be more adaptable to structural change through continuous initiatives embodying new technologies, skills, processes, or products (Ibielski 1997, p. 1). In this context, it is important to analyze the role of quality practices that can enable Costa Coffee Shop to pursue competitive priorities, such as flexibility and quality of services and goods. Andreichuk (1992) stated, "It's a common misconception that big firms with extensive human and financial resources can do a better job of educating and motivating their workers to make quality improvements. The truth is that smaller companies can be even more successful at soliciting employee support and involvement because there are fewer management layers to permeate and fewer people to convince of the benefits" (p.29). Higgins (1994) suggests that there are specific transactions or activities that are involved in managing operations in small businesses. The process of managing a business consists of four major functions occurring in an overlapping cycle and directed toward achieving the particular organization's objectives. These functions are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Planning entails setting objectives; organizing encompasses preparation of resources necessary for placing the plans into effect; leading is the function of channeling employees' and other individuals' behavior to accomplish objectives; and controlling is evaluating whether the objectives have been met and devising alternatives for improving the chances of achieving those objectives. From this framework, three research questions can be framed to guide this essay on the issue of devising an operational management strategies for Costa Coffee Shop: (1) what are the improvements that can be suggested on the operations management at Costa Coffee Shop?; (2) what are the operations management common in the coffee shop industry particularly those who have succeeded? And; (3) taking into consideration the resources and location of Costa Coffee Shop, what is the most appropriate operational management strategy? Gaskill, Van Auken, and Kim's (1994) research on small business success has suggested that the development of management strategies contributed to firm continuance and growth. Because key components of strategic management as applied to the family business remain difficult to identify the purpose of this essay is to identify the operation management problems and issues faced by Costa Coffee Shop and identify possible strategies to address these issues. Furthermore, improvements on the operations of Costa Coffee Shop shall also be propose operational strategies to solve the problems and increase efficiency and profit. The recommendations shall take into consideration the socio-cultural dynamics within the community where Costa is located.  

Research Method
            This article conducted interviews on the customers and some of the staff of Costa Coffee Shop, a survey of the location of the shop and frequented the store to take note of the operations, the quality of services and goods offered at the shop. Furthermore, my observations were confirmed by conducting an interview with the management and some of its loyal customers (or as they claim to be). Consequently, some of the people within the area who does not frequent the store were also asked on the reasons why they do not patronize the shop. From this...
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