Operation Management - the World Food Program

Topics: Emergency management, Non-profit organization, Hunger Pages: 4 (1338 words) Published: October 24, 2010
Analyzing Operations
The World Food Program

The World Food Program (WFP) is a United Nations frontline agency that fights against hunger by continually responding to emergencies around the globe. The organizations are funded by governments, humanitarian organizations, and other voluntary entities or individuals. According to Wikipedia, it is “the world’s largest humanitarian organization addressing hunger worldwide”. WFP saves lives by getting food to the hungry fast. Over the years, WFP has developed expertise in different areas including Emergency Preparedness, Food security Analysis, Nutrition, Food Procurement and Logistics to ensure the best solutions for the hungry populations. The role of Operations at the World Food Program is critical and plays a major role in its mission to get food aid fast to the hungry displaced populations around the world. In the following paragraph, I will describe the different services the WFP provides all over the world. Then, I will develop on the competitive environment the WFP operates in, and how the WFP makes a difference in that competition due mainly to its Operations and Supply Chain magnitude. Finally, I will develop on three key operations processes of the WFP which are: their emergency preparedness, Procurement, and Logistics.

The World Food Program, as an International non-profit organization, provides food aid around the world to displaced population victims of natural disaster, civil war, or epidemic diseases. The food aid is generally distributed by the WFP in refugee camps, mostly in remote areas that are not easily accessible. The mission of the WFP is to prevent hunger. In order to achieve that objective, the WFP has developed over the years other services that contribute to the reduction of hunger. School Meals is one of them. It’s a program dedicated to nourish children going to school in the poorest countries in the world. School Meals has contributed in the poorest part of the world to a higher...
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