Operating System Question Paper

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Operating System
Internal I, 2011 Name : Roll No : Total Marks: 20 Time: 60 Minutes

For Question 1 to 4, Write your answer on this paper. You should EXPLAIN the answer in One or Two Sentence. For Question 4 & 5, Write your answer on Answer script.


(2 points) (TRUE/FALSE) Round Robin(RR) scheduling is non-preemptive where as FCFS and Priority scheduling are preemptive.


(2 points) How many processes will gate created after execution of the following code and Explain (You can show execution diagram) – main() { fork(); fork(); fork(); }

(2 points) (TRUE/FALSE) Suppose a thread is running in a critical section of code, meaning that it has acquired all the locks through proper arbitration. It can get context switched.



(4 points) (TRUE/FALSE) For each of the following thread/process state transitions, whether the transition is legal, (a) Change from thread/process state BLOCKED to thread state RUNNING.

(b) Change from thread/process state RUNNING to thread state BLOCKED.

(5 points) Assume you have the following jobs to execute with one processor, with the jobs arriving in the order listed here: Process P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 Execution time 80 20 10 20 50


a) Suppose a system uses Shortest Job First(SJF) scheduling. Create a Gantt chart illustrating the execution of these processes? b) What is the turnaround time for process P4? c) What is the average wait time for the processes?

(5 points) A restaurant would like to serve four dinner parties, P1 through P4. The restaurant has a total of 8 plates and 12 bowls. Assume that each group of diners will stop eating and wait for the waiter to bring a requested item (plate or bowl) to the table when it is required. Assume that the diners don’t mind waiting. The maximum request and current allocation tables are shown as follows: Maximum Request P1 P2 P3 P4 Plates 7 6 1 2 Bowls 7 10 2 4 Current Allocation Plates P1 P2 P3 P4 2 3 0 1 Bowls 3 5 1 2


a) Determine the Need...
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