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GSIS Benefits | Government Service Insurance System Philippines Benefits Being a member of the GSIS (Government Service Insurance System) is among the greatest rewards of working in the government here in the Philippines. It’s not only about having sustainable retirement pension but also being secured and insured in your entire lifetime career. In this hub, I’m gonna discuss and sum up the benefits of being a GSIS member. After publishing about the SSS benefits, I’d like to say the GSIS benefits are more complex and would really amount to greater worth. Why do I say this? The pension benefits are in higher values compounded monthly and annually. Simply put, your private employer is not so better than the government. And there’s the risk of uncertain compensation from a private employer than the government. Bankrupt or not, the government will still be the government. In other words, the government who will back you up won’t disappear. Another thing is that, there are more options regarding the pensions and lump sum amounts offered to members who will retire. The GSIS benefits and programs are more flexible and extend to the needs of the members. It’s not only about life insurance, loans and retirements. The launching the new GSIS ecard has been one of the most amazing things that’s been offered to the members. With it, you don’t only have ease of access to your membership records, you can also avail the cash advance and salary loans in one touch.

I love the GSIS because it helps so many people
GSIS Retirement Benefits
Like I mentioned, the GSIS benefits are more flexi. The retirement or old age pension benefits aren’t only about retirement pension or lump sum cash. This kind of benefit is grouped into 5 categories and it’s your choice which retirement program you’re gonna choose to enjoy and suit you. They are: * Retirement under R.A. 8291 – you have the option to choose either to receive a 5 year lump sum or cash payment with instant pension *...
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