Operant Conditioning

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Introduction to Psychology
September 18, 2012


Operant conditioning would demonstrate learning based on a cause and effect reaction of one’s behaviors (Stangor, nd). For instance when a dog is told to roll over and does so as a result of a direct order; it is due to being praise for such action in the past (Stangor, nd). To best describe operant conditioning in my personal life; would be when I was place on adult probation for five years. I was not doing what I was supposed to be doing to follow the rules of my probation so it was revoked, and I was placed back in jail. After being incarcerated for about a month I went before the judge; I was blessed to have my probation reinstated. As a result of my behavior I had five more years added to my probation sentence along with additional fines. I realized I could have been sent to prison that day due to my actions. I have since learned that I should be grateful to even have the opportunity to be on probation, and if I do not want to spend five years of my life in prison it’s best to do what I am supposed to do.

Positive punishment is giving an unwanted reply after a misbehaved action has taken place to lessen to stop such behavior (Spangor, nd). For example a child gets into a fight with his brother as a result of this the child is ground (Spangor, nd). A good example of positive punishment in my personal life is when I was in high school I was given in-school suspension for insubordination to one of my teachers. I thought I could get out of this by staying home from school that day; yet, to my surprise I was positively punished again and received another day added to my in-school suspension for truancy. Needless to say after sitting in one room all day without being able to talk to anyone or do anything except school; work I respected my teacher more and tried my best not to put myself in that situation again. Negative punishment is to take away something that is enjoyed as...
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