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According to, OpenPro is a system that is fully designed to run on the Web. This provides the company with real time analysis to help drive efficiency, organization and customer satisfaction using one entire system management database. Below is an example of a Distribution module of how information flows through the OpenPro system:

Internet and Mobile Access Components

OpenPro is described on OpenPro (2012) as a “fully web-based ERP solution.” As an entirely web-based multipurpose program, the diversity of the program has few limitations. However, this also puts OpenPro at a range of security risks. Riordan information technology and security areas will be required to be available to not only safely transition the company to OpenPro use, but also to continue monitoring and implementation of security measures.

As previously discussed, OpenPro is an open source program, meaning that it has a public use doctrine, allowing it to be used and manipulated in any way the buyer sees fit. This creates great versatility, but puts the program at risk of manipulation and may create security loopholes. You will find as you read further what these security loopholes may be and what can be done to minimize the risk.

The OpenPro program is also completely online-based, meaning that all data “always on” and will stored in a cloud via the secure Riordan data center based in San Jose, CA (University of Phoenix, 2013). As many employees across a wide range of departments will be accessing this cloud from a variety of workstations (mobile phones, approved home terminals, laptops, and on-site workstations), adequate security measures will be enabled at all times. These security measures include user-specific logon information, multi-level encryption, and a human resources-based accountability clause (mandatory for all employees). Since OpenPro is completely online-based these security measures are required for a company’s success and constant ability to...
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