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Start a Legal Medical Marijuana Delivery Business in California


Chapter 1 ……………….. Obtaining A Doctor’s Recommendation

Chapter 2


Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Identification Card

Chapter 3


Starting The Business / Nonprofit

Chapter 4


Operating The Business

Chapter 5


Products / Medical Marijuana

Chapter 6



Chapter 7


Possession, Delivery, and The Law

Chapter 8



Chapter 9


The Medical Marijuana Program

Chapter 10


County Guidelines


Chapter 1: Obtaining a Doctor’s Recommendation

A doctor’s recommendation will allow you to take the next critical step of obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card through California’s MMP Program. No official registration is required to obtain a doctor’s recommendation. Marijuana can be recommended by a doctor for ANY serious condition for which it provides relief; over 250 uses have been reported. Resource: To see a sample Doctor’s Recommendation go to:

WARNING: Beware bogus clinics! Some unethical doctors are charging clients extra for socalled "cultivation licenses" supposedly entitling them to grow more than the normal number of plants. There is no such thing as a "cultivation license" under California law. Any patient with a California physician's recommendation may legally cultivate or possess as much marijuana as they need for their own personal medical use, and no more. No physician can authorize them to cultivate more (they can only testify in court that a certain amount of marijuana is consistent with the individual patient's needs, and they do not have professional competence to prescribe plant numbers). Resource:To find a California Physician you can go to:


Chapter 2: Obtaining a California Medical Marijuana Identification Card

The next step to starting a Legal Medical Marijuana Delivery Service is to obtain a Medical Marijuana Identification Card through the California Medical Marijuana Program (MMP).

This identification card will allow you to legally carry a given amount of Medical Marijuana as outlined in your counties bylaws, and to be recognized as a caregiver for your patients.In other words each county has their own guidelines as to how much marijuana each caregiver can carry legally for each of their patients.Establishing yourself as aMedical Marijuana Caregiver will allow you to legally serve your patients. Resource:To apply simply fill out the form located at:

After you have completed this form it is best to apply in person at your local County Department of Public Health for expediency purposes. You can do it online or via fax, but this can take months to complete. Resource:You can find your local County Department of Public Health by going to:

When you apply you will need to bring the necessary documentation which includes: a) b) c) d) Your Application Form Your Physician’s License Number Your Doctor’s Recommendation Form You will also need to supply personal information to prove residency such as a driver’s license, utility bill, or government issued photo ID.


You will need to pay the application fees and be photographed. The application fees vary by county and are usually $66.00 + administrative fees. To ensure the application process goes smoothly and to give yourself the best chance of not having any unforeseen obstacles it is always a good idea to take an individual who has signed documentation stating they are a patient in your care. We will talk more about the necessary patient care documentation later.

It is important to understand that to be a register primary caregiver for more than one patient you must live in the...
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