Ontela Picdeck(B)

Topics: Old age, Middle age, Male Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Case Study - "Ontela PicDeck(B)"
Group A5
Farhan Gaziani Gaurav Wadhwa

Mrigendranath Debsarma
Nancy Goyal Nibha Gupta Nilotpal Goswami

Ques 1:- Most Useful Parameters are Ques 1: ease to upload photos Ques 2: More photos if transfer easy Ques 7: Value sending photos by mail Ques 10: Easy set up Ques 11: First to adopt new technology Ques 13: Monthly fee Least Useful Parameters are Ques 3: More photos if quality is better Ques 5: Replace digital camera if quality was better Ques 2:- 1) Middle-aged males, who are technology savvy. 2) Conservative professional female, but values technology 3) Old people with high paying capacity 4) Teenagers, value best price 5) Enthusiasts for photography who understand the quality is important 6) Low income group, who see value proposition in the product Segment 3 seems to be most profitable by the calculation of the revenue:Revenue = Percentage*Monthly_Fee This segment refers to old people according to our analysis, whereas we chose Steve as the target customer. This proves our assumption to be wrong and not inline with the actual market scenario. Ques 3:- 1) Medium Aged, male, tech-savvy, employed 2) Middle aged, married, female 3) Teenagers and children, female, text message users and internet 4) Middle aged, male, unmarried, high usage of data plan and message pack 5) Middle aged, female with less usage of mobile, uneducated

6) Old married women, very low internet usage Yes, the profiles are very different from our expectations. This explains that it is very difficult to guess the sectors only from the guesses, which in turn reinforces the fact that the assumptions about particular category can be wrong and depends heavily on regions. Ques 4:- We suggest targeting Segment 1. We followed the elimination process to bring down the number of options. The total revenue produced by the 3 segments, ie, Segment 2, 4, 6 is very low. So the profitability factors do not allow choosing amongst them. Then the consideration...
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