Marketing Plan for Isp

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Speed net is trying to launch a new ISP product called the Speed net Internet service provider in a maturing market in Dhaka covering Baridhara, Banani, Gulshan and DOHS. Despite the dominance of market leader ZIP Online and companies like spark system we can compete because our product offers a unique combination features and value added price. We are targeting specific segments in the consumer and business markets, taking advantage of opportunities indicated by higher demand for high speed broadband internet.


Today internet is broadly used as a mean of communication. It has huge market with lots of potential customers. But these customers are very much unpleased because of slow speed internet provided by different ISP providers and are also very much disappointed because of the behavior of the ISP provider comp any. So speed net has decided to change the scenery by providing high speed internet service where the customers would be given proper value. Speed net will also provide two types of packages for the market. One for hourly basis and another for monthly basis. Quality will maintain thoroughly in both the packages.



This chart properly shows the number of people who are using internet in our country.

We have divided the Market into Different segments. They are as follows

|DIVIDING CUSTOMERS | |Bases of Segmentation |Targeted Segment | |Demographic |Customers Age |13 to 25 years | | |Education |Studying in school, college and | | | |university | | |Income |All | |Geographic | |Gulshan, Banani and Baridhara and Old | | |Dhaka |DOHS | |Behavioral |Benefits |Quality, Service, Economy, Convenience,| | | |Speed | | |Readiness Stage |Informed, Interested, Aware, Intending | | | |to buy | | |User Status |Potential user, Regular user | | |User Rates |All types (light, medium and heavy) |

Speed Net’s target market would only consist of home users, including students and, working men and women. A breakdown of our major customers:
← Students (school & university)
← Cyber Café’s
← Dissatisfied customers of other ISP’s

So we have chosen 3 different kinds of customers:
|Target Market |Consumer Needs |Corresponding Features/Benefits | | | |High speed internet access allows | |Students |Information for projects |students to download information with | | | |great ease. | | |...
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