Online Social Network Bring More Benefits Than Harm for Teens

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Social Network Related Issues
Author: Exforsys Inc.     Published on: 4th Mar 2010
The advantage of joining different social networks is experienced through increased communication between friends, professional and businesses. With the help of social networking, connecting to friends and family is now easier since no matter where everyone is located. All everyone needs is internet connectivity so that their network could be updated with their activities. For professionals, social networking could help in terms of connecting to person that can boost their career. Social networking is even used to prove the legitimacy or credibility of the individual. From entertainment, information to career improvement, social networking has practically changed the way people communicate and interact online. But social networks still have to face certain challenges especially on the users’ end since these challenges could harm users and the social network’s reputation. It is important for users of social network to consider these issues that surround the social network. By remembering these challenges, users will be able to protect themselves from negative repercussions on some issues on social network. Privacy as the Main Concern

The number one problem users as well as social network administrators face everyday is security. It can happen in any given time with or without the user online. Attacks on different social networking website are always a possibility because the data protected by social networks are too precious to be ignored by attackers. Viruses, spywares and worms that aim to crawl through security protocols of social networks are constantly threatening social networks. Considerable time and resources are always spent by social networks in order to maintain privacy of their users. A single attack could make every user vulnerable to security related problems such as identity theft. Information Access

Access to social networking websites varies. Some website...
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