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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Project Title: Online Library System of International Colleges for Excellence, Inc. Company Profile
International Colleges for Excellence, Inc. 
(Formerly International Christian School of Excellence, Inc.)                Putting up a school was a long held dream cherished in the hearts of a couple whose faith knows no bound with veritable courage that does not wince and withdraw from difficult situations or trying circumstances, with hard work and energy similar to an eagle. Only to the prodding of God such visionaries could bow and submit! The couple: Engr. Danilo Benitez Lim and Zaida Ibay-Lim, nurse by profession.

           It was conceived out of an inner yearning for deeper expression of worship to God and responding to His call of Greatness and Relevance. These, as a result of sixteen years of investment management vis – a vis God’s sufficiency and faithfulness.

              Meanwhile, Mrs. Zaida Ibay-Lim’s frequent coming to Urdaneta from 1997-2002 as Inspirational Speaker to varied and various Youth Work spurred her created and entrepreneur’s sensitivity to open a preschool concurrent with the City’s flourishing fashion. The purchase of a lot was decided upon three years ago after a quite and fervent prayer in Refuge Home. The used to be junkshop owned by Martina Bravo-Avilez, which was offered for sale by Mr. & Mrs. Gloria and Narciso I. Hermenigildo, appeared to be, as in a vision, a “platter” being offered readily for the taking. The vision was an inner confirmation to acquire the property offhandedly. It was easy though. The fitful haggling and skirmishes; the meeting of deadlines both papers and building construction are nerve – wracking, soul probing, and faith – testing! After five months, since the ground breaking on November 20, 2002, the junkshop became a parking lot and the idle piece of land became a sprawling building called International Christian School of Excellence, Inc., now International Colleges for Excellence, Inc....
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