Online Courses vs. Traditional Campus

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Online Courses vs. Traditional Campus
Shelia Cortes
November 18, 2012
Kathrine O'Neil

Online Courses vs. Traditional Campus
Having the option of attending college online makes it possible for anyone to receive a quality education. Today online education competes with traditional education at every level. In fact, today more than 60% of traditional colleges and universities, including Harvard, Duke University, and Pennsylvania State University, now offers online degrees. Today with the great rise of Internet use, online schools continue to grow in their offerings, quality, and reputation. How does a student decide whether to go to college online or to attend at a traditional campus? That depends on the preferences and needs of the individual student.

Some students, because of other obligations, may need the flexibility they can only find with an online education. An online course allows students to work on their courses at the time and place of their choosing. Working students or single parents, who need a flexible schedule, often find this ideal for them. Students who practice self-motivation are able to excel in their courses, while still meeting their other obligations such as careers and family. However, students who struggle to be self-motivated may find themselves falling behind. Dedication and time management is the key to success in online education. Others may have physical limitations, such as illness or disabilities, which would make physically attending a campus every day for a set number of hours difficult if not impossible. There may be days when they could not work at their full potential in a traditional classroom, if they could even attend. (This writer is one of those students. Due to illness, the only way I could attend college at this time, is by going online. That is the main reason behind my choice of online courses.) Many...
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