Onion, Garlic and Turmeric as an Alternative Insecticide

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Chapter 1

This chapter presented the problem and its setting. It further included the introduction, background of the study, statement of the problem, scope and limitation, and significance of the study. In this chapter, some trivia about this research, the reason for making this research, the questions that were needed to be answered, the reason why this research chose the materials and the way for making it a help for those who were irritated to the houseflies were concerned.

This study discussed the differences between oregano concentrations and chemical pesticide. Oregano concentrations were compared to chemical pesticide because this research was trying to prove that pesticides could be lessen without buying any harmful substance and in a less pricey cost. It was made to know if it was effective to used oregano concentration as an alternative pesticide. The research was conducted in order to evaluate the effects of oregano concentrations and a chemical pesticide to the houseflies.

Oregano (pronounced /ɒrɪˈgɑːnoʊ/ (UK), /əˈrɛgənoʊ/ (US), also Origanum vulgare) was a specie of Origanum of the mint family that was native to Europe, the Mediterranean region and southern and central Asia. The oregano has many uses aside from being an alternative pesticide. Oregano was a perennial herb, growing from 20-80 cm tall, with opposite leaves 1-4 cm long. The flowers were purple, 3-4 mm long, produced in erect spikes. Oregano was an important culinary herb. It was particularly widely used in Turkish, Greek, Spanish and in Italian cuisine. It was the leaves that were used in cooking, and the dried herb was often more flavorful than fresh.

Oregano was often used in tomato sauces, fried vegetables, and grilled meat. Together with basil, it contributes much to the distinctive character of many Italian dishes.
Oregano has a pungent odor which makes pests irritated and later be killed. Oregano was high in antioxidant due to high content of phenolic acids and flavonoids. It has also demonstrated anti microbial activity against food-borne pathogas such as listeria monocytogenes. That’s how they could be an alternative pesticide. Both of these characteristics could be an effective alternative pesticide to the houseflies. This study focused on pesticides. This was about how oregano concentrations could be an effective alternative pesticide to the houseflies. This study proved that the oregano concentration was an effective to be an alternative pesticide. This research paper discussed about the positive effects of the oregano concentrations as an alternative pesticide to the houseflies.

Background of the Study
Houseflies made us understand that cleaning the surroundings was a very important factor. They helped people realized that even a small dirt could caused serious health problems. Without them people would not be aware of making the surroundings clean and green. The surroundings must be free from viruses and germs just like as God first created this world. Houseflies liked to stay in such dirty places like poultry and dump site. Houseflies were common pesticide and could really cause health problems. Excessive fly populations were not only irritant to farm workers but, when there were nearby human habitations, a public health problem could occur. It was often considered a pest that could carry serious diseases. Some illnesses that could be spread by the houseflies were typhoid fever, cholera, enchiridia coli, and shigellosis. This research was conducted to know if it was effective to used oregano concentration as an alternative pesticide to the houseflies. Oregano was chosen because it could be seen in the surroundings and it could easily grow. It was already proven that oregano not only driven but could kill all kinds of pests. Compared to chemical pesticide, it was less expensive and more convenient to use. Like chemical pesticide, it could also kill a lot of houseflies in a...
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