Makabuhai and Chili Extract: a Household Insecticide

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The World is an Apple
Alberto S. Florentino

The Bell Rings
(All the students stand and start to leave the room)
Friend 1: Gloria, do you want to go with us, to have fun and to relax? Gloria: Ahhmmm….
Friend 2: Come on Gloria, you’d never come with us!
Gloria: I have something to fin---
Friend 2: Why don’t you try to have fun even once?
Gloria: But---
Friend 1: Gloria, no buts, you will come with us whether you like it or not. Friend 2: We already tell it to your mother, so there’s nothing to worry about… (Friend 1 and Friend 2 dragged Gloria; when someone bump to her and all the things she carry falls; Mario starts to run again) Friend 1: Gloria. Are you ok?

Friend 2: Are you hurt? (Help Gloria stands)
Friend 2: How stupid that guy is…
Friend 1: Gloria, are you sure you’re ok?
Gloria: I’m ok. I think he’s only in a hurry
Friend 2: Then let’s go
Friend 1: It’s getting late
(Friend 2 ran in the guard house to log; Gloria heard a weird sound then look at it) Friend 1: Gloria, where are you going?
Gloria: Can you hear it? I want to take a look at it.
Friend 2: Hey Gloria, it’s not good to go there…
Gloria: But I need (Raise her I. d)
Gloria saw the guys holding stick, with blood on it. She saw a boy on the floor half alive… (Gangster 1 will hit the boy again; Gloria covers herself stop him and push the weak boy) Gloria: Don’t!

Gangster 1: And who are you?
Gangster 2: Woohh, bro! You’re too harsh!
Gangster 1: Who cares?
(Friend 1and 2 run immediately)
Friend 1: Who cares? We! We do care!
Gangster 3: How dare you to shout at us!
(Should hit Friend 1 but Gloria slap at him)
Gloria: You don’t have any right to hurt my friends!
Pablo: And who do you think you--- (Slap)
Gloria: I’m not talking to you, Brute! (Gangster 4 holding a stick) Gangster 4: Fearless woman! (Should hit but Mario hold the force) Mario: It’s too late. For now, just have a little bit of mercy to these weak people. Gangster 5: Is that you Mario? Look! He’s only half alive! Let’s finish first our game before we go. Gloria: Game? Letting someone suffer is just only a game for you? Pablo: Yes, is it! So just go away and get yourself out of this. (Boy cough) Mario: Our game is none of your business.

Pablo: (Sigh) Come on guys, I lost my mood because of this ridiculous lady. Just let these scrawny persons. We’re just wasting our time here. (They start to walk away)
Mario: Let this be my way of apology with what happened an hour ago in the stairs. I didn’t mean it. Gloria: So you think I’m accepting it?
Mario: (Turn) I save your life, it’s more than an apol---- Gloria: Who told you to save my life? Did I ask it? Did I beg for it? Mario: I have to go.
The next morning
(Gloria enters the room and the class greeted her cheerfully) Classmate 1: Good morning Gloria J
Classmate 2: Gloria, can you help me with this?
Gloria: Sure, wait! I’ll just put my bag down… (Later the adviser enters) Classmate 1: I thought Ma’am will be late?
Classmate 2: Gloria, are there any announcement?
Gloria: Maybe J (All stand and greet the teacher)
Class: Good Morning Ma’am.
Teacher: Good Morning Class… Take your sit. I need to tell you something, any absentee for this day? Gloria: Ma’am all present. (Gloria stand)
Teacher: Good J By the way I want to introduce to you the new members of your class… Friend 1: Gloria, what are they doing here?
Friend 2: I thought they were an outsider?
Gloria: Huh? (Turn; didn’t expect; once again she stand)
Gloria: Ma’am, I’m sorry for the disobediences but why those guys are here in our room. Most especially, HERE in OUR SCHOOL.
Teacher: Why? Is there any problem? There were your new classmates. Gloria: Ma’am are you kidding? Those gangster?
Teacher: Gloria, be hospitable with them. (To the gangster) Sit anywhere you like. (All sit are occupied except the chair besides Gloria; only Mario hadn’t sit) Mario: Ma’am all sits was occupied.

Teacher: (Turn around the room) Oh, there besides Gloria.
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