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Organ Failure - One World Essay The two main causes of kidney failure are diabetes and high blood pressure. Diabetes increase the glucose content in our blood and can damage the capillaries in our kidneys causing them to leak protein into the urine. This can damage our kidneys and lead to disease and failure.(Diabetes & Kidney Disease). High blood pressure makes the heart work harder and can damage the blood vessels in our body including in the kidney. This can again lead to leakage and can stop the kidney from functioning. (National Kidney and Urologic DiseasesInformation Clearinghouse (NKUDIC)). Cystic diseases High blood pressure Urlogic diseases Diabetes Other Glomerulonephritis



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Chart showing primary causes of kidney failure.(National Kidney and Urologic DiseasesInformation Clearinghouse (NKUDIC)."Kidney Disease of Diabetes.).

The kidneys core responsibility is to filter blood which then creates urine. They excrete wastes like urea, uric acid and ammonia. They also balance sodium, potassium and water in the blood. Kidneys also aid in the formation of red blood cells and regulate blood volume by controlling the amount of water excreted and also regulate blood pressure. (Urinary System Part 1- The Kidneys). If a person’s kidneys stop functioning, the body will eventually be filled with excess water and waste products. This state is called uremia. The person’s feet and hands may swell and will also feel tired as the body lack clean blood. Untreated uremia could lead to death. (What Happens If My Kidneys Fail Completely?).

(KIDNEYS REQUIRE GLUTATHIONE FOR HEALTHY FUNCTION). Aspect 1 A kidney or renal transplantation may address a kidney failure or a kidney with an end staged kidney disease.(Kidney Transplantation." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation). A kidney transplantation is the surgical transplant of a healthy kidney from a living or a deceased donor into a patient with a dis-functioning kidney(Pickering, Ron 135). To receive a kidney from a donor the recipient will have to go through a blood test. A compatible blood type reduces the chance of an organ rejection.(Hopkins, Johns). The patient will be put on an organ waiting list to receive a kidney. The process starts by inserting a flexible tube called a catheter in your wrist and neck so that heart status and blood pressure can be monitored. A catheter will also be inserted in the patient’s bladder to remove fluid. The patient will then lie down on the operating table on his/her back. The doctor will then inject a general anesthesia into your body’s blood stream so that the patient will remain asleep during the surgery. A tube attached to a ventilator will be inserted through your mouth and to your lungs. This machine will breathe for the patient while the surgery proceeds. An incision is made into the patient’s lower abdomen only on one side. The donor’s kidney will then be placed into the abdomen. The left kidney will be attached to the patient’s right side and the right of the donor’s kidney will be attached to the left side depending on which kidney is required. This is done so that the ureter, which pushes the urine from the kidney to the urinary bladder can be easily connected to the bladder. The renal vein and artery of the donor kidney will then be sewn to the iliac artery and vein of the patient. After the stitching is completed, the artery and vein will be checked for a smooth blood flow as well as for any bleeding. The donor’s ureter is then connected to the patients bladder. The incision in the abdomen will then be sealed with stitches. Dressing or bandages will then be applied.(Hopkins, Johns).

Diagram showing the completed kidney transplantation. (Kidney Transplantation." Kidney Transplant: Diagram of Procedure). Aspect 2 A transplanted kidney will function exactly like a normal kidney and therefore the patient will no longer require dialysis if was previously going through it. Kidney dialysis is an...
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