One Regular Day

Topics: Dinner, Lunch, High school Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Martin Thomas
English composition 2

A Regular Day of School
Around six o’clock in the morning my alarm goes off. I wake up, take a shower, brush my teeth, and use the next half an hour packing my bag for the long day ahead. I usually bring two bags to school, one for my books in class, and another for after school because I usually have football practice at the end of my day. Seven o’clock I hear two loud beeps outside my house, and on time is my girlfriend Natasha. She was always on time because school started at seven-thirty. I never ate breakfast at home because of the time I spent preparing my bags for school, so I would usually stopped at the breakfast line around seven-fifteen to get a hot bagel with cream cheese and some barbeque chips and an orange juice. American Heritage High School was the name of my school. It’s a private school in plantation that located at the corner of Broward Blvd and flamingo road. You can’t miss my school because it is a pretty big school. Matter of fact in a sense it looks like a college because of its size. The way the school looks, it is made with all red bricks, it has a clock tower with a large bell, and it has six different buildings, all two stories, and a football field. The reason for the school being so big is because, the school was a private school, and the grade level stared from pre kindergarten to the twelfth grade. Truthful my school was an expensive school, so expensive that it costs ten thousand dollars to go there but here’s the catch, if you started going to school there since kindergarten, the school will pay for your college tuition. I usually had six classes and a break for lunch everyday. The class sizes were pretty decent, probably twenty to twenty five people in a class. My day would start with my general education classes, math, English, science, gym, than around eleven thirty I would have my lunch break. The good thing about lunch time is that I would have an hour to do whatever...
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