One of My Hobbies

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  • Published : May 23, 2012
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One of My Hobbies

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. The Oxford Dictionary of English defines “hobby” as “an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure”.

Once I had plenty of hobbies. When I was a kid, reading comic books did bring me much happiness. With comic books, I can read interesting stories by myself through the little funny pictures. Handwriting, singing, and drawing are also my close friends. I enjoyed the feeling of holding a writing brush; I was fascinated by all kinds of beautiful colors I can draw with; I liked repeating the wonderful songs I heard, though I might be out of tune sometimes.

However, as I grew up, most of my hobbies had disappeared without trace. The first victim was comic books. In case I would read comic books during classes, all of them were taken away since my first grade. Then, the same fate came to writing and drawing as well. I was engaged in learning school courses and had no spare time at all. Looking back the past 20 years, I devoted all my time to various books and exams.

Luckily, just like fake friend comes and goes, but true friend stays, singing is the hobby that never left me. Songs have accompanied me all the way. I can say without exaggeration that they played a role of a boyfriend. When I’m happy, they often reward me with lighthearted melodies, as if saying “well done”. When I feel down, they console me with tender tunes, as if whispering “come on, nothing is so big”. When I feel lonely, songs will just sit right beside me, and saying “(sing) If you wanna cry. Cry on my shoulder. If you need someone who cares for you. If you’re feeling sad your heart gets colder. Yes I show you what real love can do.”

Singing songs makes me feel delighted and relaxed. It is my life flavoring agent and a loyal company.
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