One Green Apple

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  • Published : May 22, 2012
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Wanda Augustin

May 26, 2012



Bunting, E. (2006). One green apple. New York: NY, Clarion Books.


One Green Apple is the story of Farah, a Muslim immigrant who has recently arrived in America. The book begins with Farah describing her experience so far, "This is my second day in the new school, in the new country..." Farah and her new classmates are heading on a field trip to an apple orchard. Farah feels lonely in her new school. She doesn't speak English and dresses differently from the other students’; in addition to her jeans and T-shirt she wears a dupatta, a traditional headscarf. The other children are suspicious of her when they hear that she is a Muslim from a Middle Eastern country. The day's activities at the apple orchard include a hay ride and making apple cider. Each student is encouraged to add one apple to the apple cider; one by one each student tosses in red apples. When Farah's turn comes she offers green, completely different from the others but, when added to the cider, it creates a cider that is still crisp and sweet. This book is great to teach students from grades K-5, that it's ok to be different. It can also teach students about other cultures, it is also a great way to teach students about immigration. DEVELOPING AWARENESS: This book can kick off a discussion on how people can form snap judgments based on appearance. A teacher can start by using a K-W-L chart and having students’ to look at the cover of the book to make connections and predictions about the book. After reading book have a discussion with the class, using a discussion sheet that included the following questions:

1. Who was Farah?
2. Why are other children suspicious of her?
3. What makes her different? 
4. Why do the other children dislike her?
5. Where did these children learn to be suspicious? Where might racial stereotypes come from? 6. What visual cues...
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