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  • Published : April 19, 2013
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Carla Torres
March 19 2013

Appearances in People
Person´s first impression stays in the mind of others for the rest of their life. Appearances itself covers a countless amounts of things like physical characteristics, posture, movements, tone of voice, the smile, hygiene, and numerous other things. Every human in the world has their own appearance. The reason is that they need to be a successful person, to reach good things in life. However, the exterior perception that make about a person sometimes is not a proper opinion. The story “The Temp” by Amelia Kahaney, presents an Asian woman with an enviable appearance, having everything that a woman may want, however appearances are not all ways true. Another is the Film Edward Scissorhands by Tim Burton, who presents a younger boy that had an unusual and strange aspect, also the people whispered horrible and frightening things to him, but they did not know about his big heart. In these two stories in which two people with different appearances demonstrated the importance of physical appearances in people’s daily life, because now in these times people outline opinions by what they see, not from what they think. Personal appearance can be a decisive item in any job interview. The image that a person gives in the moment of the meeting is of vital importance. For any interview people should be dressed appropriate and respectful, because most people use more the sense of sight than the ear. In “The Temp” Karen the principal character was the beautiful Asian woman with a perfect sophistication. At the moment when she came to the office her first impression was excellent for mates who went to work with her. They admire the temp from the moment they saw her. Even in the moment when Karen said the first words, they thought that she was a wonderful woman. “She talked and French-inhaled simultaneously and it made her look smart” (Kahaney 293). Also, when Karen smoked she was envied....
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