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Topics: Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, The X Factor Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: September 17, 2012
Elisa Dixon Ms. Sylvia English 9 Honors Sept. 12, 2012

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Something I like to do

I really enjoy many things in my life, but I truly love being a fan of the boy band from the UK named One Direction. This band was put together on a British singing competition called The X-Factor. Each member of One Direction auditioned as solo artists, but when they didn’t make it through the “bootcamp” round of the competition, a judge on the show, Simon Cowell, decided to put these five boys together to form a band. The members of the band are Niall Horan(19), Harry Styles(18), Liam Payne(19), Louis Tomlinson(20), and Zayn Malik(19). All the members reside in small towns in the UK except Niall Horan, who lives Mullingar, Ireland. After One Direction was put together as a band by Simon Cowell during the “bootcamp” round of the competition, they moved onto the live shows on The X-Factor. In the end, One Direction placed third in the competition, but Simon Cowell had bigger plans for the band. Only the winner of The X-Factor can be signed to a recording contract, but Simon Cowell has his own record label. Simon decided that One Direction was too talented to let go of, so he signed the band; therefore, they are now international superstars. I always have trouble trying to explain why I love being a fan of One Direction, but I believe that I like them mostly because they have hilarious personalities; also, their songs are amazing. While the band was on The X-Factor, they recorded a

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collection of videos called video diaries. One Direction was supposed to only talk about songs they were working on as well as the band’s journey on the show, but most of the time, they just goofed off like normal teenage boys. I have to admit, One Direction can be really hilarious! One member, Louis Tomlinson, takes the role as the practical joker as well as the one who can’t ever be serious, so he always seems to be the funniest in the video diaries. All the boys are...
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