Country Lovers

Topics: Love, Eye color, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 1 (1655 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Turner Kela
English 1C
18 January 2013
Dr. Williams L. James
Country Lovers
Every culture has their own judgment on love and how it’s suppose to go? Whoever said love came with a manual and rules to tell how to love or who to love? There are negative and positive outcomes, that comes along with it. Country Lovers shows the readers what love and intimacy meant to them and how it affected their lives because they broke the “rules” in both of their cultures. They live in an abnormal lifestyle where coloreds love coloreds and whites love whites.             Country Lovers makes it clear that interracial couples aren’t suppose to be together .”She greeted him with hands brought together and a token movement representing the respectful bob with which she was accustomed to acknowledge she was in the presence of his father or mother.’ Is it ok to hide your love and have codes on when you can be around someone? Love should be unconditional and charming, not keeping it in the closet. Love is about supporting each other and being there for one another regardless about what others think about it .Back in the 1800s blacks weren’t allowed to love outside of their race and whites weren’t able to love blacks. Whites where masters to the blacks and did whatever they pleased but never was to love them. Paulis broke that rule by falling in love with Thebedi and having a four year relationship with Thebedi who was a farm worker that has been discrete since their childhood. At court his father states “I will try and carry on as best I can to hold up my head in the district”. Back then loving someone outside of your nationality was a crime and anyone who broke it, could get punished for it.. Paulis may never have resilience again in his town.                                                                                              ` The shame in Country Lovers is society. If the power of love didn’t affect so many individuals then Thebedi and Paulis relationship would...
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