One by Metallica

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“One” by Metallica

The song “One,” by Metallica is narrated by the lead singer, James. It is a very strong and hard hitting song. The song deals with the pain of war. It is told in first person and really gives a strong idea of what has happened. This song is very straight forward. The character was in a war and struck a landmine. The landmine causes so much damage and pain, that he actually loses his sight, hearing, speech, arms and legs. Even though he has lost all of his senses and ability to move, his brain is perfectly fine and he is still alive.

The song “One” was inspired by the book Johny Got His Gun. The book is about a soldier names John Bonham who was in a war and lost all his senses in an explosion. John becomes trapped inside his useless body and has no way of expressing himself. Many believe “One” is one of the best songs of all time. Since “One” was inspired by the book, the words could stand alone without music. Metallica is such a good band, that the music actually makes it better. The words in the song are awesome, and are powerful. Many people may actually feel like this sometimes, as they are trying to do or say something but no one will listen. The reader who has a soul could become saddened after reading about Johnny’s tragedy.

He doesn’t know if he is dreaming or it is real. Unfortunately the war has taken so much from him. He doesn’t think he has a soul anymore and all he feels is pain. He wishes for death and begs for god to help. “Hold my breath as I wish for death” (L.9). He is trapped inside himself and he can’t even die. The song is about war or the results of war which is really universal. There are so many wars that have happened and that are even happening now. The reader or listener should be able to relate to this because everyone now a day’s knows someone in war or who has been in war.

Some songs as with this one actually are like short stories which needs no music. This could be a short story of a person who...
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