On the Bourgeois Revolution

Topics: French Revolution, Absolute monarchy, Communism Pages: 3 (879 words) Published: December 6, 2012
On the Bourgeois Revolution

Abstract: The English Bourgeois Revolution broke out for reasons. I specially analyzed the cause and effect of the revolution. Four factors were listed: the rise of capitalist economy, the conflict between the bourgeoisie and the feudal class, religion, the kings. And what the Bourgeois Revolution left for us were priceless.

Key words: capitalist economy; English bourgeoisie; monarchy; religion; tyrant

The Bourgeois Revolution, also called The English Revolution, was a great social movement like the French Revolution of 1789. Ⅰ. Background:
The English Bourgeois Revolution broke out in the 17th century. The Wars of the Roses had greatly weakened the feudal noble class. The Enclosures had dispossessed many peasants of their lands and driven them to cities. Moreover, the Reformation had criticized those religious doctrines which served feudal relations and deprived the church of its lands and wealth, weakening one of the mainstays of the feudal order. More importantly, the geographical discovery of the New World was followed by foreign expansion and slave trade, speeding up “primitive accumulation of capital”. Meanwhile, ideology and morality had also witnessed big changes. A new class was rising in England. The bourgeois revolution was just around the corner. Ⅱ. My comment:

“To find out a root cause of an event, you will have to get started with economy.” This was what our high school history teacher had always been telling us. And in my point of view, the rise of capitalist economy is the root cause of The Bourgeois Revolution. With the development of capitalist economy, a new class, as I mentioned in the background part, was in its steps of conquering the power. That is the English bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie was an ambitious and energetic class, and it was the bearer of a new, dynamic society and supremely confident of its ultimate victory. It used its economic power to struggle against the power of...
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